Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thirty never felt so good

So I'm 30 now. And back in August 2012 I wrote a seemingly easy to accomplish 30 Before 30 list. I blogged a few updates about it but sadly, I didn't do a good job of documenting a lot of the things, even when I was actually checking them off the list.  So below you'll find my "Crappy Blogger's 30 Before 30 Update". Enjoy :)


1. Read at least two books per month. (But only one in August, since it's half over)
FAILED!! I've read a couple of books this year, but not even close to two books a month! The ones I remember specifically are The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks and Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth (which I LOVED)

2. Put at least $50 per month into savings, just because.
FAILED!!! I saved $20 per month though, which is better than nothing!!

3. Travel to eight states outside of Georgia. (States I've been to before count toward this)

In September 2012 I took a road trip to Minnesota. The drive there and back included time in Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois. Plus, while I was there I went to Wisconsin for a day trip. I've also traveled to Florida a few times over the last year.

4. Try at least one new recipe a week.
FAILED! I am too much a creature of habit, I suppose. Besides, I'd much rather bake than cook!

5. Blog at least twice per week.

6. Take a girl's weekend with my mom and my cousins.
FAILED! We had tried to make this an annual trip but this year it didn't work out for us to do it. We are headed to the beach in a few weeks though, with a few other family members in tow!

7. Take a girl's weekend with my RFFL.
FAILED! But we did spend plenty of quality time together, of course!

8. Reach 100 followers on my blog.
FAILED! But I suppose that would require me to blog!!

9. Host a giveaway on my blog.
In October 2012, I hosted a Shutterfly giveaway on this here blog! I was super excited to give away a credit to Shutterfly!

10. Meet two blog buddies in real life.
HALF DONE! In September 2012, I had a blate with my BBFF (blog BFF) Meagan! She is now one of my dearest friends and we're hoping to hang out again this fall, this time she'll come to Georgia!! 

11. Have family pictures made with my mom, stepdad, my stepbrothers, and their families.
FAILED! We really need to make this happen and I'm hoping my blog friend LC will take the pics!

12. Pay off all of my credit cards (I'm very close to doing this or I wouldn't even be mentioning it!)
FAILED! Although I am *this* close to paying off my card with the highest balance! Go me!

13. Go camping
Taken at the Devil's Courthouse on the BRP before we hiked to the top!
In April 2013, I went on an AMAZING camping trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC. It was perfect! Hiking, camping, campfires, etc. Loved it!

14. Take a spontaneous road trip
FAILED! I have to get better about doing random fun things from time to time!

15. Mail a letter to my grandmother once per month.
FAILED! I am granddaughter of the year material, guys! Though now that she's my last remaining grandparent, I really should get on this!!

16. Visit my grandmother in Indiana
FAILED! But I am planning a trip for sometime in the early winter, before the Northern Indiana snow sets in!

17. Travel to an out-of-state conference/training for work
FAILED! BUT- I did get approved to go to a conference in Ohio this September. I just decided against it as I got more and more things put on my plate.

18. Complete 2 Pinterest inspired crafts/DIY projects
FAILED! I'm better with Pinterest menus than crafts. I did a ton of Pinterest recipes, especially for baked stuff!

19. Lose 35 pounds (I'd prefer more but this seems like a safe goal)
DONE! Since October 2012, I've lost 45lbs with Weight Watchers and hard work! I wish I had a before/after picture but I don't. Maybe I'll do that once I hit 50lbs lost!

20. Spruce up my resume
DONE! I was forced to do this for a grant at work, which worked in my favor as far as this list is concerned!

21. Stop biting my nails
FAILED! And seriously...I may never accomplish this. It's a hard habit to break!

22. Make one new meaningful in real life friendship

See # 10

23. Walk at least 10 miles per month (this does not include day-to-day walking)
FAILED! Though my physical activity has definitely increased infinitely since this time last year!

24. Spend a weekend with just my mom and I
FAILED! We did this in June, a few weeks after my 30th. So done but not in time for my 30th!

25. Volunteer 8 hours with a non-profit other than the one I work for
FAILED! I really need to make this happen! Giving back is so fulfilling for me.

26. Do a random act of kindness
DONE! I baked cookies and randomly mailed them to friends who were going through a tough time!

27. Go to a concert
DONE! A choir concert totally counts because I say it does! In May 2013, I said goodbye to my high school choir director at his final concert as a high school conductor. He's now moved on the Arizona State University and I couldn't be prouder of him!

28. Go to two fine arts events (plays, symphonies, choral concerts, etc)
DONE! I went to a taping of A Grand Mercer Christmas just before Thanksgiving and then I went to a performance of Lessons & Carols, also at Mercer University. I can't wait to see my Alma Mater on PBS stations this Christmas season!

29. Take a practice LSAT (or the real LSAT if I get up the nerve)
FAILED! I just ran out of time and motivation!

30. Buy a "big girl" TV. (a flat screen bigger than 40 inches)
FAILED! But I've recently taken on a part-time job so I'm hoping to do this soon!

So as you can see, I'm a terrible blogger and a terrible list-doer. But it was fun trying!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Since you've been gone

The last blog post I wrote was in early May after my grandfather died. I was (and still am at times) the saddest I had ever been in my life and I needed an outlet and this blog was that for me. Before that, I hadn't blogged since February 20th. A lot of life has happened in 7 months...
  • my relationship with CB ended
I wish him the absolute best in all he does and harbor no hard feelings whatsoever. The distance and other life stresses for both of us just made it far too difficult to continue on. I hope he knows how special he is to me.
  • I turned 30
The verdict so far: not so bad. I don't know what I expected with turning 30 but it's been good to me so far. I also got a few of the things on my 30 Before 30 list checked off before the deadline but I never really made much time to blog about it so I'll do an update on that soon.
  •  My grandfather died
I wrote a couple of posts about him and his impact on my life right after it happened. I'll be bringing those back from draft soon but I could never put into words what this man meant to me and how profound an effect he had on my life. His death is truly the most devastating thing to ever happen to me.
  • I've continued to lose weight with Weight Watchers
...though at a much slower rate. My total weight loss at this point is 45 pounds. I'm proud of that but I've sort of slacked off over the last few months. Once vacation is over in September, I'm going to hit it hard again. I would like to lose 60lbs total by the time my 1 year WW anniversary rolls around in October! 
  • My RFFL got pregnant with baby RFFL #2
I'm so excited to see her family growing. She makes super cute kids (who happen to love me a lot) 
  • My mom and I took a mother-daughter weekend trip to Gatlinburg, TN
I love that place! We had a blast and I really loved spending quality time alone with my momma. We don't get to do that nearly enough anymore! 

  • My family (well...14 of us) went to Gatlinburg for a long weekend
I may or may not have almost drowned in the river in Cherokee, NC but all-in-all, the weekend was a success. Although, I will say: vacationing with 14 people is eerily similar to herding cattle. (not that I have any experience with cattle herding...but I can imagine)

I look forward to getting back to blogging. I've missed it. I just want to feel less pressure around how often I write or what I write about. So I'm making that commitment to myself! I hope you'll stick around to see what I can create without some arbitrary rules holding me back :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mama, I'm coming home...

I'm bringing back the ol' blog, folks! But first, I'm making some changes.

There's been some drama and for a while I had to make my blog completely private. Now, all of my old posts have been reverted to draft for the purpose of remaining a bit more private on this blog. Slowly but surely, I'll be bringing back some of those posts but I'm going to be a bit more choosy about what I post here from now on.

I am also going to be making some changes to my blog layout (nothing major) so hang tight while I make some small changes and I'll be back up and running in no time!

I won't bore you with the details on why I went off the blogging radar. As with other times I've fallen out of the blogosphere, life happened. Simple as that.

See y'all soon!